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Romantic Love status for whatsapp

Romantic Love status for whatsapp

Romantic Love status for whatsapp share with your friends. WhatsApp is the best social media platform at which we can share feelings emotion and sensation to the other person. Love mature with the passage of time. Like when we are at 19 we think that we love with one on every day love is changed and a new face is entered in our life. This is the Golden time of our life. In 25 we daily think about an old friend who is spending best life time with us. At this 25 we have selected a life partner and also think and post poetry for him/her. With his emotion our whole life is connected now.

Now at this level we can also make the love more mature by making wedding with her/ him. Wedding is the peak of the love this is end of immature life. Now at this level both can present flowers and love messages to each other. Before the wedding the best thing is about presenting flowers and gifts to show love. The best love status for her/him is

Romantic Love Status for WhatsApp Status
Romantic Love Status for WhatsApp Status

Some All time speaking Status

“I Love You”

The whole love life cycle is started from that. There is blood in the heart and we can think that the same is in the red Roses. Red color is the pure feeling of love. Some times when both peoples cannot share there emotion then they can Post this status

“I Miss You”

These are the best states of love but we can make this condition more and more peaceful. But due to difficult events in the life the love is broken at the end this is become

“I Hat You”

This is the worst condition and this is not good and this is not the end this is start of our life line journey. This is the point at which a person is not giving proper time. Then after this beep he will think about here and this is a sign of more care and interest by the other person.

Three Words Romantic love status for WhatsApp

Let’s discuss some three Words Romantic love status for WhatsApp

Love is Feeling

True Love You

Truly Yours

With Best Wishes

Take Care Dear

Always Loves You

Your Well Wisher

I Kiss You

You’re Life Partner

Your Best Wisher

Love romantic WhatsApp Status for her or Your Girl Friend

Love romantic WhatsApp Status for her or Your Girl Friend
Love romantic WhatsApp Status for her or Your Girl Friend

Let’s discuss for Romantic WhatsApp status for her

“You are my blood life line without you I am uncompleted”

“Whenever you are not with me I feel alone and always pray to God that take care about him”

“When I am with you I feel that the whole peoples are watching us and praying for the best of us”

“You are my life”

“You are the best Life Partner”

“Your appearance is like a person who is care for the best of my life and taking care for me”

“Some time I feel you are with me and I always make prayer for that time this is the best time for me”

“I cannot take tea without you because in tea time I can share feelings with you and tea is the best drink that is made for sharing emotions”

“You are like cool whether for my life”

“I think that without you this word is like a desert”

“You appearance is the motivation for me”

“You are precious and unique for me that why I loves you”

“There is no expiry in our love that’s why we can make this perfect”

“The best therapy to make the mood pleasant is to talk with you, Your cool voice motivates me to feel pleasant”

“As the love is injurious for life that’s why I love’s you”

“My life best formula is Best Life=you + me”

“I wants spend life with you because you are precious and the peaceful girl in my life”

“After watching you I cannot see anyone because you are precious thing for me”

“Our Love is too much strong no one can defeats us and no one can beat us”

“I loves you, this is my lifetime decision and I am proud in this decision”

“Your emotion can kill me like when you smiles then I think that some fire hit me and I instantly died”

Love WhatsApp status for your Boy Friend

Love WhatsApp status for your Boy Friend
Love WhatsApp status for your Boy Friend

This word is created for the peoples who loves each other. As there is two types of love peoples are available one is male and the other is female. The feelings and emotion in the females are more than the males. She thinks that he is the whole world for her. Without him her life is not completed. She always thinks about him. Let’s discuss some love Romantic WhatsApp status for her Boy Friend

“I loves you because you have unique qualities and best sense for me”

“There is no super power defeat us until you are in my life”

“The best truth is I Love You”

“Your cool breathing is like the snow in the hot whether”

“I always think that rainy whether and you with me”

“You are Superman in my life”

“You are my life blood”

“Whenever I feel sad I will call you and your voice gives me new life”

“I am uncompleted without you”

“I always like that you are coming towards me with bench of flowers especially red roses”

“No one can buy me because I am not for sale but your smiles purchased me”

“My Body belongs to my life but you belong to my soul”

“Some time the best ever voice is the heart beat of you for me that is beating you for me that I wants to lessen when I with you”

“My day become more and more blessing when I see smiles on your face”

“I even some time not wants to meet you but in the bad time I always pray for you”

“I always pray to God forever friendship between us”

Romantic love Quotes WhatsApp status for Husband

Romantic love Quotes WhatsApp status for Husband

Life becomes more enjoyable and lovable after marriage. The love lifeline become more prominent after marriage. This is the holy relationship between two people. After Marriage no one can separate them. Sometime after the whole day work and daily work burden when husband return home then your smiles make his feeling present.

 “Life is nothing without you”

“Smart peoples always loves with each other”

“Love is the reflection of the happy life”

“We can describe all things but the love feelings cannot speak able”

“The most romantic time of my life is when you hold my hand”

“Mostly time is spend faster when we meet and I always feels that God freeze this movement”

“IN the dark nights I feel alone and your presence make its best for me”

“Peoples say harsh words for you but I loves you, you are my life my world my universe”

“Your eyes are always the best place from when I can sense the love intensity”

“When you falls in the love I think we are the only couple that loves each other”

“I always think that you are smiling when I wake up early in the morning and this is the best morning for me”

Cute Love WhatsApp Status For Wife

Cute Love WhatsApp Status For Wife
Cute Love WhatsApp Status For Wife

Husband and wife are the two tire of the life. Without each other life is not completed. Let’s discuss some cool and cool love WhatsApp status for Wife from husband

“My life is full of roses when I feel happy and smiling you”

“You are my life”

“You are my friend and we are better in feeling friends of each other rather than husband wife”

“Me always like that we take tea together to share emotions”

“I need no gold and silver but my need is only you”

“Me always buy chocolates for you because you like them and this is the real taste of love”

“I always miss your kisses that we takes in the love time”

“Every day with new events in our life the love is rising and rising no one can separate to each other”

“The best truth of my life for you is- I Love You”

“As I am million for this time then this is because of you because you are praying to God for our success”

“The best ever time in my life when I choose you my love”

“After the whole day work when I am going toward you the longest journey of my life is from office to home”

“We love each other this need no explanation and no verification”

“No One can kills my better than your smiles these smiles makes my life happy”

“When you are angry with me my life is disturbed”

“Super cookies and super smiles make me to loves you”

“When Rain starts please come at home because I wants to share feelings with you”

“I wants you not Big money home and cars…. Because you are my life”

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